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The Services We Offer


Beautiful Nails can be yours! Professionally shaped nails, soft cuticles, and a rejuvenating hand massage followed by the application of your favourite polish.


Immerse your tired feet in a bubbling spa laced with fragrant oils and salts, then drift away while your feet are taken to heaven and back – Nails trimmed and filed, cuticles treated, feet exfoliated and buffed, feet massaged to the knee and then toes polished to perfection with your choice of colour. The deluxe pedicure includes a fragrant paraffin bath for an intensely moisturising experience.

Polygel, Shellac & SNS Nails

What do your nails say about you?

Taking care of your hands and feet is something that can get lost in our busy lives. Here at Beautina, our qualified therapists can work wonders on your hands and feet to make your skin smooth and your nails gorgeous.

SNS (a.k.a Signature Nail Systems) is a nail dipping system that uses a brush-on gel base on the nail, which is then dipped in a powder. The powder comes in natural pink and white for a french manicure look, as well as a range of colours.

Brow & lash Treatments

Enhance your natural beauty by highlighting your brows and lashes.

Make your eyes stand out and ensure perfect symmetry of your face with well-groomed eyebrows and accentuated eyelashes.

Our experts will transform your brows & lashes so that you wake up looking your very best every day.

Eyebrow lamination: It may sound like someone is going to bind your brows in plastic, but the reality is way better.

The new treatment, hailing from Europe and about to take the Australian beauty scene by storm, is like a lash lift for your brows.

Every hair stands to attention, giving a result very similar to the full and feathery effect of microblading, but without any needling or pain.

Spray Tan

Sunless spray tans are a healthy way to maintain a rich bronzed colour that helps you feel fabulous.

Moroccan Tan is a luxurious tanning formula that is absorbed deep into the skin for an exotic bronze glow. Enriched with nourishing vitamins and organic oils, Moroccan Tan solutions are free from alcohol, polyethylene (PEG), and parabens – making them suitable for all skin types.

In a variety of tones to suit both men and women of all skin types, our tans offer the perfect coverage that lasts, for a fast, natural-looking tan every time.

Make-Up Application

Enhance your natural beauty with a makeup application that brings out your best features.

At Beautina we want you to experience and embrace the art of makeup that helps you create your unique personality and be as beautiful as you can be. Whether you are going to your school ball or that Bride-To-Be or have that very important event to go to, rest assured that our professional team at

Beautina will have you looking and feeling like the most beautiful person in the room.


Keep your skin soft, smooth and hair-free with our waxing services.

Our specially trained and highly-qualified beauty therapists will ensure quick and effective hair removal.

We only use premium wax and strict hygiene standards to ensure your comfort, safety and wellbeing.

Eyelashes Extensions

Natural Volume Full Set

Great for everyday wear – Our most popular set for everyday wear

Glam Full Set

Thicker, more dramatic – near 100% coverage – Great for those with larger eyes

Dramatic Full Set

Compared to classic lash extensions, where you could only SAFELY attach one eyelash extension to each natural lash, Russian Volume Lashes (also known as 2D – 8D lashes) breakthrough that limitation by having anywhere from 2 to 8 super fine extensions applied to single natural eyelash, SAFELY!

Natural / Dramatic  Volume Lash Infills

To keep your lashes looking their absolute best, you will need to get a refill every 3 weeks maximum.

At your refill appointment, we clean the lashes, remove unsuitable lashes and apply fresh lashes.

The infill cost depends on how many lashes have been lost/grown out since your last set/fill was applied. 

Eyelash Removal

The only way you should get rid of your eyelash extensions is to get them professionally removed at the salon.

Brow & Lash Treatments

Eyebrow Wax & Tint with Eyelash Tint Combo

 Signature Brows are tailored to your face shape and coloured with a customized eyebrow tint and wax to complete your look. Giving you perfectly sculpted, even and defined brows. Lash Tint is tailored to your colouring, giving you perfectly defined lashes. 

Brow Wax

Our Brow Wax is tailored to your face shape, giving you even and perfectly sculpted brows.

Signature Brow Shape and Tint

Our Signature Brows are tailored to your face shape and colouring with a customized eyebrow tint and wax to complete your look. Giving you perfectly sculpted, even and defined brows.

Eyebrow Tinting

Our Brow Tint is tailored to your look and colouring, giving you perfectly defined brows.

Eyelash Tinting

Our Lash Tint is tailored to your colouring, giving you perfectly defined lashes.

Nails Services

Dipping Powder (SNS)

For a strong, chip-free nail enhancement with up to 14 days of wear. It can be removed and reapplied again in 2-3 weeks to change colour. No lamp is required to cure.

Gel Nails

Gel nails are a type of artificial nails that most closely resembles natural nails.

The term originally referred to nail extensions made using a hard gel product hardened by curing under ultraviolet or L.E.D. (light emitting diode) light.

Deluxe Manicure

A luxurious treatment including moisturizing exfoliation, cuticle work, and nails clipped and filed. A short massage and your nails are buffed and ready to be painted in Gel Colours

Shellac Manicure

Shellac Manicure is a professional manicure that includes nail shape, cuticle care, Gel polish application and relaxation moisturised hands.

Spa Pedicure

A Spa pedicure is an amazing treatment, and possibly our most relaxing one.

Our technician will work on your toenails all the way up to your knees.

Not only a well-deserved pampering. This treatment is also essential for getting your toes and heels looking good and healthy.

Spray Tan

Moroccan Spray Tan 

The Moroccan Tan Instant Tanning Lotion combines the deep absorbing nourishment of their Moroccan Blend formula to create the perfect natural bronze tan. Enriched with argan oil, Moroccan Tan helps soften and moisturise the skin, producing a deep bronze tan that leaves the skin soft and silky.

Moroccan Spray Tan Double Coat

Two coats of spray tan to make the tan darker.


Under Arm Wax

Facial Wax

Lip or Chin Wax

Makeup Services

Enhanced Make-up Application

A make-up application that includes enhanced make-up techniques for a more dramatic look for those special moments... Whether you are attending prom, walking the red carpet, or walking down the aisle.

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